Common Mistakes During a Job Interview


An interview plays vital role in one’s life. Will someone’s interview become successful or not depends on a person. All people make small or big mistakes. Usually, they influence our life to some extent. It is wise to learn from blunders. Every smart person will tell it. Surely, it is a great pity to fall many times before making a proper act. But sometimes it is better than doing every time wrong things.

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Why it is Difficult to Find a Job?

A job interview is a part of every life. It is a significant moment for many people. A person gets ready to an interview since studying at the university or even at school. People meditate on it much because this element influences their life.

Who likes job hunting? Everyone knows that it is a tiresome situation. Someone is always nervous, has a bad sleep, and an awful appetite. It happens because a person tries to find a job. Nowadays it is very difficult. The economy in many countries is not a stable matter. For these reasons, it becomes challenging to obtain a position somewhere. The situation of uncertainty is also very high. Any chief cannot guarantee his employee a long term of employment. There are layoffs in many companies. People become unemployed because there is no work for them in the team.

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One’s skills are the main factor that matters while getting the job which he/she wishes. Experience is also highly valuable. This is a very disputable issue. Many principals would like to have workers with good experience because they do not want lose time for their training. So, what students should do? How it is possible to study and to get experience simultaneously? Well, this is a tangled question.

If you are studying in the country where academic degree possesses a big impact on someone’s future, it is better to complete studying. You should understand that far not every country may boast of such an advantage. That is why, there are students who abandon education and start working. In some countries superiors are not interested in academic background of their workers. They look at their ability, talent, and everything that they may bring to a company. So, it is significant to prepare to an interview.

There are institutions that would like to see people under 30 year of age working with them. They are ready to train such workers and give them a chance to become a part of a working team. It happens because some experts assert that people after 30 years do not respond to education. Again, this meaning may differ. It depends on country, culture, and other factors.

One more essential thing that concerns job hunting, is that many applications are sent through email. That helps to fill any position without extra problems. A person finds a vacancy on the Internet, he/she submits a job application, and receives an answer in several days or a week. So, be aware of this order. Maybe you have good chances to find an excellent job quicker than you think.

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A Job Interview. Common Mistakes

Read this list carefully. We have tried to gather important facts that really matter while having an interview. Some of them may seem funny, but they do influence your future career. Now let us start. Look at the list. There you will find things that someone does wrong. Find out what are they.

1. To dress not suitably. When someone enters a new company, people and a chief will make the first view about a person according to his/her clothes. Even if you go to the company where usually people wear casual stuffs, try to pick something more official when you get ready for meeting a principal.

2. To dodge eye contact. If you are hiding your face, eyes, and always try to look down, it is not correct. Look straight into eyes. Otherwise, you will make a bad impression. A principal may think that you are cowardly and unsure of yourself. Even if it is difficult for someone to do this, he/she has to try. It will show a boss, that a person is confident about taking a position.

3. To ask about wages too soon. A manager or principal will think that this is the only thing that makes one to be interested in a job. No doubt, money issue is a significant aspect. But use it in the right moment. Nobody wants hire a man who will care only about the day of the wages. So, if you would like to work in a company, leave the question about salary for the end of an interview. Read more about money here:

4. Not get ready for an interview. The preparation must take place not during your driving in the car, but at home and at a proper time. There are several things which a person must know: what does a company do, and who is its chief. Believe, if you ask such a question, “Who is your boss?”, you will fail an interview. It shows your unawareness of a company. A manager will think that you are not excited about working with them. Learn at least the basic of an institution that you will interview with.

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5. To be late. It is an obvious reason that makes people to think about someone not good things. If you would like to make a horrible first impression, you can use it as a tip. It is rude to show up late for an interview. You will present yourself as irresponsible worker. Also, do not arrive too early. Even if one comes 15 minutes earlier, it can spoil everything. Just have a little walk in case you have arrived sooner than expected. If you are late, call a manager, let him know that you will come later. Tell him about a new estimated time. Say “Sorry” for your tardiness. You should respect the work of a principal.

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6. Forget to put a phone on silent. It is one of the common flubs which happen all the time. If it will occur, a person has to apologize. Do not forget to turn phone off immediately. If there is some smart explanation of why your phone was turned on, you can reveal it.

7. Pay attention to a family during a talk. A principal will think that someone puts his family on the first place. Who would like to have such a worker who can abandon his working place any time because of a family? You must make everything possible to make sure that this job is important for you more than anything else.

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8. To talk too long. This is not a time to relax. If you feel too comfortable, you probably will say something inappropriate. Do not talk too much. Control yourself. Notice the way of how a principal is looking at you and go back to the topic of a conversation.

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