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Only on our website you can buy essays for cheap and read essays online on our blog. This new one is dedicated to the powerful feelings and qualities we need to tame.

Why people lose control? How our own emotions control our behavior? The reason is very simple. We don’t know our own emotions and thus, we can’t control them. This is one of the most important pieces of advice in every book dedicated to personal development. You need to learn how to cope with your emotions or they will become a serious obstacle. In this essay, we would like to pay your attention to the strongest and the most important emotions you should consider. These ones both negative and positive can influence the way we think, talk and behave. This list will be build-up on the principles of comparison and each positive emotion will oppose a negative one. By the way, if you are looking for professional economic research paper writers, you are welcome to place an order.

1. Love

This is one of the strongest feelings we experience since it makes us do stupid things. How many good and really bad deeds were made for the sake of love? However, love has both positive and negative consequences. It serves as the source of inspiration but only people we truly love can hurt us the most and the damage sometimes seems to be irreversible. It is hard to shake the influence of this emotion but you can switch your attention to another object or activity to draw negative thoughts out. It might be also followed by deep depression and stress. Unfortunately, that’s the way how love works. Who loves you whatever the person you are and ready to put your life at risk to keep you save? This is your mother. Read our essay dedicated to the best woman in our lives written by our writers

2. Hate

This is a poison that runs through our veins every time we experience this feeling. This is mostly a negative emotion however, it also might serve as a source of inspiration but all your activities and efforts will be directed in the prejudice of another person which a priory do no good to you. Unfortunately, each person has certain leverages that might be used to trigger hatred but with the ability to take it under control, you will be able to outsmart your opponent. If you want to finally stop hating people and live happily, this guide is for you.

3. Courage

We bet you've read novels about courageous knights in shiny armors that put their lives at risk to save somebody. However, this feeling is slightly exaggerated since courage takes place every day but there are no dragons to defeat. There are only decisions we should make and that's where we really need it. However, excessive courage might result in rather stupid actions since one fails to evaluate his/her capabilities reasonably and might fall prey to his/her own stupidity. If you think that this part dedicated to courage missed something, you can continue reading about it at

4. Fear

Every person fears something. It might be spiders, height, darkness etc. This is a very strong feeling since when we face the object of our fear we literally numb speechless. There are fears that cause no influence on our lives like the above-mentioned ones, but the ones like lack of confidence, fear of responsibility or fear of changes might be a serious obstacle for our well-being. The best things we can advise in this case is resistance. You need to face your fear and rise above it. Deprive it of the ability to control your actions, convince your mind that you are no longer afraid of it. Today, there are plenty of ways elaborated to overcome fear and here are the most effective among proposed.

5. Encouragement

When we are engaged in something very interesting we feel encouraged. This is a sort of motivation that helps us to continue doing whatever we do. However, encouragement is almost transparent and once you lose it, it will be difficult to get it back. So, you need to pay attention to the moments when you are ready to work tirelessly for hours, you need to use this opportunity. Otherwise, you will fall prey to our next emotion we also would like to include on this list despite the fact that it is far from being an emotion. We have the best essay for you from experts written with regard to all the requirement you need.

6. Laziness

What stops you from working or studying effectively? This is laziness, the worst enemy of a successful person since despite the encouragement to do something, laziness has stronger leverages. Its laziness who whisper crafty excuses not to do something and it is very persuasive. However, there is a very simple way to override laziness. You just need to start doing something and you won’t even notice how quickly it will disappear. If you are really don’t want to do your homework, just order online proficient thesis writing services and we will do the rest.

These are emotions you should pay attention first of all, in order to become emotionally developed person since they are too strong to resist but still there are ways to win this battle. There are plenty of scientific researches in this field that will help you to control each emotion on this list so that it would work for your own benefit.

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