What is Courage: Red Badge of Courage Essay

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Courage is a simple word, but it has so many definitions. Every person can have his own meaning of this word. All of us are fighting and struggling to some extent. For these reasons, the term “courage” has an immense of interpretations.

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What People Say about Courage

If one is looking at his life and sees that he is not getting what he wants, he has to operate differently. Experts claim that 80% of Americans who have job are not pleased with it. People work eight hours per day and spend their strength on things that they do not like. This possesses destructive influence on personality and his life.

One needs to change his life. It is not easy, that is why most people resist changes. They think that changes will worsen situation. The right way is to step up to take on a challenge. Have courage to make your life better. Do not look back. Probably in the past a person had problems, he had no friends at school, his family did not pay attention to him. Have courage to say “no” to your past and to focus on your present and future.

Maybe you fall thousand times and you have bad experience. Now it is time to believe and move on, even if you will fell once more.

People think differently about courage. There are some awesome expressions about this idea:

1. Every one of us has some fears. Being courageous does not mean the absence of fear.

2. Being courageous means the willingness to go through the things that frightens.

3. Courage is like a flight of a bird. It takes you higher than anything else.

4. Courage has no excuse, and it is something that everyone has.

5. Any coward can be turned into a courageous person.

6. Courage can be a tough thing for those who have something to lose.

7. It is a strong desire to overcome pain, fear, and danger.

The line of courage is closely related to patriotism topic. Some people say that children are the best patriots. Check this idea in essays on patriotism.

Sometimes finding what we want takes courage. It makes one to go through hardships. A person may understand that there are things that scare him but he keeps fighting. Courageous person never stops.

Life may seem the longest way but it is also short. When someone opens the door for fear to come in, he prevents himself from doing great things. Cover yourself with courage. It is a decision and a key element to life itself. Find your courage to be proud of who you are.

The Red Badge of Courage

To make this essay on courage more persuasive our team wanted to show you an example in literature for better insight. Stephen Crane is the author of “The Red Badge of Courage”. During his short life Crane wrote genius works and became an important figure in American literature.

Stephen Crane was born in New Jersey in 1871. He was one of fourteen children in the family. Even though Stephen was a feeble boy, he was rather intelligent. At the age of four he wrote his first poem. He was a talented person. At the age of 14 Stephen Crane created “Uncle Jake and the Bell Handle”. The story was a well known.

In 1993 Crane started work on “The Red Badge of Courage”. The author did not have any experience of war. Although Stephen worked as a war correspondent, he had never participated in the battle. He managed to portray battle scenes realistically. Even readers seriously thought that Crane was a veteran. Remind you that Stephen Crane was born six years after the end of the Civil War.

This is the story about young soldier whose name is Henry Fleming. He is a young boy and has big dreams. He knows all about war but from books. Henry wonders a lot about his courage. He tells his mother that he has decided to join army. Henry wants to fulfill his desire of glory.

Before Henry was engaged into his first battle, thousands of doubts and huge fear surrounded young boy. Fleming starts thinking about battle, he begins to doubt his courage. He wonders if he will run or fight bravely. When they approach fight place, Henry wants to run but there is no place for him to go. So, he begins to shoot widely. The regiment wins the battle, but Henry runs away.

Ironically young soldier returns to the battle that he has abandoned. Among numerous wounded men that have returned from the front he finds Jim Conklin. He is a soldier who is wounded deadly. Among other soldiers from the group there is “tattered soldier”. He continues to ask Henry where he is wounded.

Henry feels so ashamed but at the same time he is jealous of wounded men. Young soldier believes that their wounds are “red badge of courage”. That is why he tries to escape the answer. When Jim Conklin dies, Fleming runs again.

When Henry gets caught by retreating soldiers, one of them hits him over the head. With a serious head wound he is wondering through the forest. A cheery soldier helps Henry to get to his regiment.

Before the first battle Wilson gave Henry letters. When Fleming again gets into his regiment, Wilson asks him to return his letter. Henry understands that Wilson is also afraid of war. Surprisingly this fact gives strength and courage to Henry.

Henry turns his fear into anger, courage, and confidence. This transformation is the core of the novel. First, Henry is a dreamer, an innocent boy who wants glory. Finally, he becomes courageous soldier, the leader who does not afraid of death. Henry fights bravely and even becomes flag-bearer.

This story is a true story. There are different matters that are able to convert our fear into courage. Once you find your courage never let it go.

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