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Many things in this world have a big impact on our mind. The life itself has been created in a way that all things depend on each other. Movies that people watch, music that they listen to, and literature that they usually read build their worldview. Experts claim that any book is able to change personality. It contains such a big message that is able to make one’s life different.

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There are so many different books in the world. Every nation has its heritage. National poets and writers have always been reflected the culture, social life, and problems through books. Nowadays, a person can easily open any book to review some essential events of the past or present. While someone is reading a book, he/she enriches inner world.

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If you want be more intelligent, quick-witted, and talk well, read every day. There are also smart recommendations before you start reading.

1. Choose good books. Do not read any writing that you will find on the bookshelf. Time costs money. Be sure that you spend it smart.

2. Read every day. Let it become your habit. While doing something good every day, a person will get a positive result.

3. Find quiet place. If you read a book, nothing should disturb you. It is not about concentration only. It is about pleasure.

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4. Read for an hour per day. Without any doubt, everyone has at least one free hour every day. There is a common question, “How many pages of a book can you read per one hour?” Find out this and read no less than an hour every day.

5. First read, than watch. Now we are talking about movies that are based on novels. The images of actors will spoil your own interpretation of heroes of a book. Usually, your own vision is better.

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The Most Influential Books

1. The Bible. Christianity has an immense number of followers all around the world. The Bible is the holy book which contains the biggest treasure of the world. It consists out of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Christians trust in this Book. They say that it is the word of God, and follow it.

Sacred scriptures comprise the Bible. It tells stories about Judaic kings, prophets, people, and many other stories. The Bible starts from Genesis. The first chapter opens the beginning of the universe. The last chapter of the Bible calls Revelation. People believe in sheer holiness and validity of every word written in the book.

Indeed, the Bible is the most influential book in the world. Kings and preachers made it their basement in many cases through all times. Every Christian service all over the world starts with teaching and learning of this book.

The Bible became the first printed book ever. It was published in the era of Renaissance. There are numerous debates according its interpretation. Martin Luther was a very significant figure in Western history. He opened the curtain to real meaning of forgiveness and eternal life according to the Bible.

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2. “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine. This pamphlet became a greatest non-religious inspiration-book. It was written in time when United States were fighting for their independence from Britain. Why it was so influential? The book was able to inspire the whole nation. It possessed such a big impact that encouraged people from coast to coast, from one colony to another.

Thomas Paine itself came to America from England. He knew how colonists were treated. People in America were scared and shocked by revolutionary declarations. “Common Sense” helped people to become certain about this issue. It was very clear, open, and simple. Everyone could understand it. The Pamphlet emphasized very significant questions such as elections, democracy, and strong navy.

The key purpose of the pamphlet was achieved. It supported people in difficult time. It gave strength to the American nation and helped to gain independence.

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3. “The Communist Manifesto.” The work was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Since we are talking about books and their influence, we cannot forget to mention about this one. This book became one of the key elements of Communism in the USSR. Every university in Soviet Union had a particular subject which touched the question of ideology: what is Communism and why it is important for society. So, any student, who wanted to have a nice future in that country, had to read the book and pass exam successfully.

The text had a huge impact. It was the most influential book of the nineteenth century. This old work remains modern. It reached the most distant parts of the world. Some experts assert that the authors of “The Communist Manifesto” have predicted many things that one can observe nowadays in every society. The book comprises economic, political, and cultural analysis. 

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 4. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. It is the best business guider which contains the smartest rules for success. Robert Kiyosaki is businessman and writer who knows for sure how to build business effectively. The book talks not only about work, it plays a motivational role. Read more about motivation here:

Robert Kiyosaki started his business with no money like most people. He tried every time a new deal. Thus, he got experience which makes a person smarter. In his book Robert insists on wrong interpretation of education in the life of every person. Usually people say that education opens the door into a successful future. Robert Kiyosaki says that it actually does not matter. A person may be rich without education.

People used to think concerning money incorrectly. Robert teaches that it is important not only to have much money but also give much like he does. It is about the Biblical rule which says that the more one gives the more he receives. Poor dad wanted work little but get more. This thinking is faulty. If a person wants receive more money, he has to work more and give more.

According to this book it is significant to change the ordinary principle of thinking. Find motivation in your life. Also, it is important to FOCUS. It means this: F – follow, O – one, C – course, U – until (you’re), S – successful. This is the idea that Robert followed. For these reasons, he wants other people do the same thing.

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