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The conflict is not something new for the young family. The first year of the living together in the same house is the real exam for them. It is the common fact, that some families can not live without quarrels. Because of it you can find in this article the most popular reasons of the quarrels in the young families and the ways how to avoid them.

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10 reasons for the family conflicts

  1. You have different points of view of the model of the family you wish to have. A lot of people would like to have the same family as their parents have. For example, the husband is sure, that all work in the house should do his wife, but the wife is sure, that all work they should divide into the equal parts, because she also works and does not have enough power to do a lot of work in the house.
  2. One of the partner needs a lot of attention of the other partner 24/7. All people need to be alone, even a few minutes per day, but if the person is an introvert, he/she needs more time to be alone. Because of it the phrases of the other partner like: “Please, speak with me” or “Let’s watch the film” can create a lot of stress for the other person.

It is possible to avoid the conflict, if you explain the situation to your partner. All people have the right to have the private life and the aspect of being alone for some time is one of those aspects. It is impossible to be together 24/7, because you will get the feeling that you are in the cage and you would like to have more freedom.

  1. This situation can happen when a husband or wife does not like the friends of the partner. They are sure, that they play the very important role in the life of the person and he/she does not need to communicate with friends. For example, the husband is against the fact, that his wife can spend a few hours with her friends, for example, to do shopping and at the same time, the wife can forbid to her husband to drink the beer with his friends.
  2. The total control. It seems, that no one like if the partner will tell you what you need to do, call at least 10 times a day to check what you are doing and to check your emails and messages. If the person does not believe you, it means that he/she is not confident and you should help him/her to change his or her life, because it is impossible to live in this way. If you are interested in this theme and wish to get more information, please feel free to order the personal conflict essay and we will be glad to do it for you.
  3. You have different plans in the future. When you started to live together, you can notice, that your plans for your future life are different. For example, the husband wants to have 3 children, but the wife wishes to have the only one child. The husband wants to live in the village, but the wife wants to live only in the city. If you do not find the decision, which will be good for everyone, it is possible, that in the future, you and your partner will divorce, because you will not be able to live together.
  4. All of us understand, that if you wish to create the family, you need to forget about dangerous hobbies, but some kind of hobby, like yoga, gym or something like that should be in your everyday life. It is impossible to forbid people to have the hobby. It can create the anger and depression.
  5. You have the same activity. If you, for example, just watch TV together, speaking about the things, which do not need any attention, it is possible that in the future, you will not be interested to spend time together. There are a lot of families, which live together, but at the same time separately, because they have their own life. For example, after the dinner the wife watches TV and the husband plays different games on the Internet.
  6. You would like to change the other people. It is impossible to change the other people as you wish. All of us have some habits, have the life experience and maybe you should just find the other partner?
  7. You wear old dirty clothes at home. It shows, that you are not interesting to each other. It is very easy to solve this problem. You just can purchase the new and useful clothes which you and your partner can wear at home.
  8.  The development one of the partners. There are a lot of examples, when one of the partners develops the skills, get the job with the higher price, but the other partner, at the same time, is in the same place. Because of it there can be a lot of discussions and quarrels and the consequences can be not very good.

If you find such things in your everyday life, your next questions will be about the ways of the solution of the conflict. It is a very long process, but if you spend the time and wish to save the family, you will get the results.

Ways to solve the conflict

  1. You should understand, that always 2 parts: you and your partner have caused the conflict. The thing is not in the fact, that your partner is not good enough or just does not hear you, you did something, that created this situation.
  2. You should understand, that you need to make the first step to find the solution of the conflict. Even if it is not your fault, you need to make the first step and to help to your partner.
  3. You should control your emotions. Even you are very angry, you need to think what you are telling your partner. Because you can say something, that your partner will remember the whole life and will not be able to forgive you.

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To sum up, it is the long way to avoid the conflicts in your life, but if you wish and you really value your partner, you will get the success and your family life will be like the paradise.

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