Essay About Computer: Can You Live Without It?

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The computer was developed in the 20th century and nowadays, no one can imagine the life without it. We can use them in all spheres of our live, but we could not even think, that the technical progress can be such great.

Computers and our life

All calculating machines are in the past and nowadays people use the computer everywhere. And a lot of professions need some technical knowledge, because of it such profession as a programmer was created. All computer technologies are developed every year and there is the need in the people who know it. Today, the computer is not only for work, it is also the thing for the searching of the information, or just for different games or communication. So, no one is surprised with this device and the creation of the internet helped a lot of people to use the computers better.

Benefits from the computer

But which benefits you can get from the computer? You can get the answer from this simple example. Just imagine the life 10-15 years ago. You need to write some article in the short time. You took the paper and started to write, but the only mistake could destroy your work and all your efforts. So, you needed to start it from the very beginning.

But today, you just can turn on your computer, type the needed text in the program and after that you can check it automatically. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits. And the Internet helps you to find all needed information which you want to have. Finding the information in the Internet is something, like we are going to the library. We just need to choose the right information and to copy it.

Pupils write a lot of computer essays at schools and you can only imagine where they find the answers to this question. They find them in the Internet with the help of the computer.

The computers appeared in our life not so long period ago, but we cannot imagine our life without them. For example, 10 years ago, you did not see the personal computer in every house, but in our time almost every person has the computer.

Computer evolution

From the very beginning, the computer had a very huge size and could take place in a few rooms. You can understand, that it was not very comfortable to use it and because of it, people developed it and tried to make it more comfortable for everyday life. Now people can use the computer with the help of the keyboard and the mouse. It is really comfortable for all people. The more detailed information you can get ordering the history of computers essay here and you will get a lot of the detailed information about the development of the computers.

Influence of the computers on your life

Sometimes, we cannot even imagine that the computers are everywhere. For example, if you have some problems with the health and you are in the hospital, there can be the situations, that your life completely depends on the computer. Now a lot of doctors can make the surgeries with the help of the computers. Also, some computer science you can meet at schools and universities. The little children can learn at school the information about the computer and also to use it to do some tasks for school. If you need to write the computer in education essay, our professional writers will be glad to do it for you. The only thing you need to do, is to order the essay on our site and you will get it in the short time.

Some pluses of the computers

  1. The computer will make the search of the needed information very easy using the internet. Now, there is no need to save a lot of information, which is written on the paper, because you can save it on the computer. For example, if you wish to find some information, there is no need to wait for the news in the newspaper or magazines, you can find it and to spend not too much time.
  2. Your job became very comfortable with the help of the computer, because you can do a lot of things automatically, but not manually and you will save your time and can spend it with your family or with your friends.
  3. It is very easy to communicate with other people. Nowadays, there are a lot of programs, which are free and will help you to communicate with other people, which can live in other country. Also, it is possible to use the video and you will be able to see them in the real time. You can send the photo and to write the messages. Also, it is very easy to find a lot of new friends.
  4. It is possible to have a lot of audio and video materials on the computer. It will save your space in the house and you can be sure, that your information is in the reliable place.
  5. It is possible to play a lot of computer games, which are interesting for the children and for the adult. They will help you to relax and to spend the rainy day, for example.

The minuses of the computer

  1. You can have some problems with your health. It is very difficult to sit using the same position and it can be very uncomfortable. You can be weak and do not have any power to do something.
  2. It is not very good for your eyes if you spend a lot of time before the computer. You should do special exercises for your life to improve your health.
  3. All computers have some special impulses and we can feel them after some hours of the work near the computer.
  4. Also, people even do not notice, how much time they spend near the computer. Sometimes people want to spend more time in the virtual reality than to do something in the real life. They do not have any motivation to go further and to change something in the life. They even do not see, that the real life changes every day, they live in their own life and after that they can have some depression or even do not want to live.

The computer is very useful thing in our life, but we should think about all pluses and all minuses it can bring in our life. It can make your life easier, but you should not forget about your real life here.

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